Les pieds dans les nuages
[ et la tête sur terre]

With my feet in the clouds
[ and my head on the ground]
At the core of this ongoing research lies a fundamental exploration of the paradoxical nature of physical boundaries, intricately juxtaposed with the psychological borders we construct within ourselves. The impetus for this project emanates from a compelling collection of photographs captured during multiple flights between Brussels, Lisbon, and back again, spanning the pandemic period from 2020 to 2021. These images serve as a poignant source of inspiration, prompting contemplation on the interplay between tangible limits imposed by physical boundaries and the intangible realms of our own psychological constructs. By navigating the skies during a time of global uncertainty, this project aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between external frontiers and the intricate tapestry of our internal worlds.

In 2022, an artistic residency at the Under_Construction Atelier in Brussels showcased this body of work. The residency provided a collaborative space for myself and Maria João Flôxo, a multidisciplinary artist. The exhibition featured two art installations that offered unique perspectives.

The first installation, "Le Monocle," was specifically designed to house the mesmerizing still video "With my feet on the clouds." This immersive experience presented an 8-foot projection of captivating cloud photographs. "Le Monocle" not only served as a space for observation but also created a distinct spatial distance between the viewer and the cloud video projection. With an opening shaped like a pixel, it invited contemplation of the boundaries between reality and representation.

The second installation, "Touch Me," featured a sofa wrapped in protective aluminum film, forming a barrier that conditioned access to sitting down. The mirrored surface reflected the vastness of the sky, while the boundaries set by the film limited physical interaction. This provocative piece challenged the conventional notions of engagement and encouraged viewers to question their own relationship with boundaries.

Together, these installations offered a multi-dimensional experience, engaging viewers visually, intellectually, and physically. By exploring the interplay of physical and psychological frontiers, the exhibition sparked introspection and prompted a reconsideration of how we perceive and navigate boundaries in our lives.
Monica Musoni