An Be Taa Mi | Où Allons-Nous Artistic Residence. Une pièce chorégraphique de Tierema Koama/Levy

“La morale agonise. Les apparences masquent la véritable nature d'un monde de jeux de pouvoirs, d'exploitation, de manipulation et d'aliénation de l'homme par l'homme Chacun cherche à donner un sens à sa vie, veut se sentir utile et être reconnu de ses semblables. Nous voulons nous préparer et réfléchir à la création d'un meilleur avenir. Nous sommes convaincus que c'est à force de conviction et de persévérance que les bonnes idées passent. Nous nous questionnons : OÙ ALLONS-NOUS?Après plusieurs résidences à Globe Aroma, au Theatre Marni et au Kaaitheater, une troisième session de travail accueillie dans le studio 2 Ultima Vez a été l’occasion de préciser les axes de recherche autour du spectacle et de les transmettre aux danseurs.”

4’52 Fr
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Cartographie des territoires affectifs Creative Residence 2018 | Cine Luso Espirito Mundo. These photos where taken during the preparation of  one of the scenes of “Cartography of the Affective Territories”, an experimental short film in which the artist participated. The short-film is the result of the transdisciplinary artistic residence at Cine Luso Espírito Mundo, 2018, Brussels, Belgium.

A experimental film based on a set of testimonies of migrants from various origins and statutes, suported by visual arts to recreate a trip to an imaginary space where it addresses the condition of foreigner, territory and its memory.

With a documentary approach, the narrative departs from an artistic plan in a game where the cartographic maps are redesigned assuming an emotional and affective state that questions the body-man as the last frontier in relation with the other and with the own spacial displacement.

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Pretu Funguli is a creole expression that is used in a discriminatory manner in Guinea-Bissau. This term has been revived by the guinean visual artist, Nu Barreto, who transformed it into a visual concept. The film folows the artist through Espirito Santo(Brazil), to Guinea-Bissau, Macau and Paris(France), where he lives and works, to dive into Nu Barretos life and work, in order to understand his creative process and the conflicts in which the artist lives in. Realesed in 2018.
The documentary was supported by ICA - Portuguese Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual, and produced by Filmografo and Agua Triangular.
53’ PT/FR/Criol

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Blessed Africa
This screenplay was written during the period that Monica Musoni lived in Guinea-Bissau. At the time directing a student theater group TEB. Quintino Na Pana was one of the actors and he had spoken about his cycling journeys, with the final purpose to go all the way to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, this never happened, instead he became the protagonist of his own story, by the hand of/with the help of Aminata Embaló.

Quintino Na Pana is a young Bissau-Guinean. He is 29 years old and father of five children. Gymnastics teacher in Bissau high school and student in college, he suffers from the successive delays of salary. Still Quintino has put his dream into practice; cycling in the name of a fairer and more balanced African society. The fourth consecutive year
he will cycle over 1,000 kilometers to Mauritania under the motto “Blessed Africa”.

60’ PT

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