The Tiger Metamorphoses 



THE TIGER METAMORPHOSIS. In July 2016 the photographer joined the workshop “Photographic Narratives in the Intendente" coordinated by the Portuguese photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel. During 10 days I walked outside and inside the Intendente neighbourhood in order to trace its memory. I captured objects, streets, buildings that were closed or under construction, new places inhabited, with the intent to crystallize the in-between of the neighbourhood’s transformations. The project intents to document the time, the middle time in which the transformation process is suspended, assuming the urban space and its objects as the subject of this narrative. If Ovid “intends to speak of forms that become entities” here the poetics focuses midway, in a geometry that is not linear, as the transformation of this space, subject to constant tensions between the multicultural and the traditional, the old and new, the past and present.

Untitled #01 - #020. The tiger metamorphosis, series of 20. Impression in Lustre paper. 40x60, 26x30, 73x110. Edition 5 + 2 A.P. Oak Frame