The Egg Poem

Photograhy Guiné-Bissau
2008 - 2010

The Polião Island is a turtle sanctuary, in Bijagós archipelago, part of Guinea Bissau Repúblique, in West Africa. Between the month of october, november and december turtles arrive to dig a nest and lay their eggs. The hatching occurs between the night fall and sun rising. And there is a moment in between that everything happens simultaneously, turtles coming to shore and small ones hatching out in a never ending circule. What interested me was to capture the leftovers and traces in order to provoke a dialogue between the real and  the imaginary we have of these creatures, that can be in great danger with the global warming. 

The Egg Poem | Poilão Island, Guinea-Bissau, 2008 - 2010. Inkjet Print, Fine Art Paper, horizontal 40x60 cm. Edition of 10 + 5 A.P