In July 2016, I participated in the “Photographic Narratives in the Intendente", a workshop coordinated by the Portuguese photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel. Over two weeks, I embarked on immersive walks throughout the Intendente neighbourhood, meticulously tracing its collective memory through a diverse array of elements. Assuming the urban space and its objects as the subject of this narrative, I intended to crystallize the in-between of the neighbourhood’s transformations. At the same time, I aimed to ignite the viewer's imagination, inviting them to contemplation the complexity embedded within Intendente's ever-changing urban landscape, characterized by perpetual tensions between the multicultural and the traditional, the old and the new, and the echoes of the past intermingling with the demands of the present.
Untitled #01 - #020. The tiger metamorphosis, series of 20. Impression in Lustre paper. 40x60, 26x30, 73x110.
Edition 5 + 2 A.P. Oak Frame