Shreds of Reality

In the Espirito Mundo Residency, the artist used her photographic archive of Guinea-Bissau to explore the interplay between perception and memory. She aimed to reconstruct fragmented memories through small-scale images and a mix of color and black and white. This process sought to redefine and reinterpret reality. Despite the daily challenges of one of the poorest countries in the international community, the artist saw an opportunity to challenge the world's misunderstanding of Guinea-Bissau's social and cultural fundamentals.

The resulting images invite viewers to consider the complex relationships between perception and memory and the power of visual storytelling in shaping our understanding of the world.

The project had the support of Portuguese cultural institute “Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language” and was shown in the Portuguese Embassy in Brussels, 2019.


Shreds of Reality 2008 - 2019. #01 to #20, Unique Photo Collage. Frame 30x40 cm | Inside 10x7
Site specific Installation at Espirito Mundo Atelier