Drifts in time and space

Souffle I 

From my balcony I can feel the wind blowing as it touches the trees in an invitation to dance upon the uncertanty of time. In just a few moments I’ll be gone under a sky that will follow never to leave. Next stop is just a second away as for time an invitation to drift in space. Souffle I  - video, 2020

Souffle II 

Souffle II  - video, 2020


We came back from the end of the world, where land, rocks and cliffs meet the Atlantic sea. A land were the wind blows so strongly that doesn’t let the trees grow and decides one’s own movements. Dry with so much water at his site, although the irony, the land doesn’t let it take over and leaves small traces of life for the ones whom have the courage to look. Yet other challenges are in line to come. We can see the sky at its horizon, where the sun has already gone. Not because he’s shy but because he can’t stand another day looking at this hardness. What is clear is the effect of the wind in one’s soul. It enters deeply in one’s heart and it feels like an organic change is taking place, only leaving when you are gone. Yet other challenges are in line to come...let the weel spin!

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