I delved in my photographic archive of Guinea-Bissau to explore the interplay between perception and memory
in a game of sensory reconstruction that calls into question memory, perceptions, absences and fiction.
The aimed was to reconstruct fragmented memories through small-scale images and a mix of color and black and white. This process sought to redefine and reinterpret reality. Despite the daily challenges of one of the poorest countries in the international community, I saw an opportunity to challenge the world's misunderstanding of Guinea-Bissau's social and cultural fundamentals.

"There is nothing in the intellect that has not previously been in the senses", Aristotle.

Memories are not inventions, but the fruit of what we absorb, feel and store. With this in mind, the exhibition takes the form of four blocks, centred on sensory elements that refer, in large part, to unusual associations of memory.

Dividade in 4 differente areas, each associeted to a sensorial element: the visual is composed by 20 photomontage images; a sound installation taken from personal videos; a serigraphy printed on burlap as the tatil component; and the odor was capture from local news papers (the only prints that exist in GB).

The project had the support of Portuguese cultural institute “Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language” and was exhibit at the Portuguese Embassy in Brussels, 2019, for the celebration of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries - CPLP.


Discourses of memory 2008 - 2019. #01 to #20, Unique Photomontage. Frame 30x40 cm | Inside 10x7