Monica Musoni (1972, Nigel, South Africa), Italian - Portuguese visual artist currently living in The Hague.

She has develop her artistic career through workshops and artistic residencies.

Since 2016, divides her activities between photography, video, art installations, screenwriting for documentaries and production of  cultural project’s.
In  2021, opens her first atelier Under_Construction_Atelier, in Brussels, in partnership with the Portuguese artist and performer Maria João Flôxo.
In her artistic practice, she uses photography and video as her main creative instrument’s, nevertheless she is drawn to the use of diferente kind of materials and objects resignifying them, while  exploring the frontiers between static image, moving image, developing a multidisciplanary aproach in each work and exhibition.

Influenced by philosophy and politics, she intends to explore the dichotomy body - space, presence - absence,  in urban and/or natural spaces in order to question the ways we relate to our nature and in nature. 

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