About me

Welcome!  My name is Monica Musoni and I am a Portuguese visual artist with an Italian passport, born in 1972, in Nigel, South Africa. Currently I live and work between The Hague, Netherlands, and Brussels(Belgium).

I have been actively involved in photography since 2016 while immersing in other artistic territories such as filmmaking   and installation art.

My primary tool as a visual artist is photography and various mediums. I explore and experiment with diverse approaches to storytelling through image-making. This creative journey has also led me to a particular interest in projects that delve into concepts like perception, memory, identity, and territory. These thematic explorations deeply influence my artistic endeavours, shaping my evolving perspective as I continue to craft visual narratives.

My artwork’s have been exhibit in collective and alternative venues in Lisbon, Brussels, and Manchester. For more information lookup my ...

CV and ︎Instragram

To purchase  art works, discuss potential collaborations or commissioned works, or schedule a studio visit, get in touch with me through the following channels:

Saatchi Art

[+351 916 673 475]


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