1936Study for a photo installation

“In immobility there is the possibility of all movements (...)”
Gonçalo M. Tavares in Atlas of the  Body and the Imagination

1936 is the distance traveled or to be covered. A movement in power, a movement carried
out and a movement that lasts. In the reflection of the water the circle is completed. The
circle presupposes a movement, a displacement that results from the memory of the place
and its circumstances."The surface (of water) becomes the expression of values the
expression of the depth" of change."In immobility there is the possibility of all movements(...)"
Gonçalo M. Tavares in Atlas of the  Body and the Imagination.
The architecture of the space, stripped of its objective function and its circularity, were the
formal motto to rethink the place as a symbolic space to question displacement and movement, 
while recovering some questions of Peter Sloderdijk, the german philosopher (in Infinit Mobilization)
about modernity and its perpetual movement AND impact in nature. 

1936 Study for a photo installation was concieved during the artistic creation “Thinking the place”
coordenated by artist Carla Rebelo for Rama, Artistic Residencies, in 2021, during the 2nd
corona viru confienement.  The distance of 1936 km was the space in
between me, where I was at the time, Brussels, and the place I selected, in Portugal.


A threshing floor, cork and water make up the elements from which the installation was

The project is divided into three moments:
1. Project study and design, carried out during
the course:
2. Installation (production and installation);
3. Photo caption sequence of the water desapearing under the cork installation.

For more information follow the link Rama Artistic Residencies (PT/EN)