1936 Study for a photo art installation        

“In immobility there is the possibility of all movements (...)”

Gonçalo M. Tavares in Atlas of the  Body and the Imagination

        1936 Study for a photo art installation 

The number 1936 represents a distance either already traveled or yet to be covered, signaling a movement of power that endures. The circular reflection in the water symbolizes the completion of a cycle, which is brought about by the memory of the place and its circumstances. This is captured in the phrase, "The surface of the water becomes the expression of values, the expression of the depth of change." According to Gonçalo M. Tavares in the Atlas of the Body and the Imagination, even in stillness lies the potential for movement.

The concept of rethinking a place as a symbolic space for questioning displacement and movement is explored through Peter Sloderdijk's views on modernity and its perpetual impact on nature. The architecture of space, stripped of its objective function remaining the circularity, is the formal inspiration behind this endeavor.

The project of a photo installation, titled "1936 Study," was created during the artistic project "Thinking the Place," coordinated by artist Carla Rebelo for Rama Artistic Residencies during the second coronavirus lockdown in 2021. The distance of 1936 km represented the space between Brussels (where the artist was located) and the selected place in Portugal.

Material: The installation was designed using a threshing floor, cork, and water, and divided into three stages: project study and design, production and installation, and a sequence of photographs capturing the water disappearing under the cork installation.
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